About me


“I’m a believer and a doubter. I’m old and young and a little child.”—Rumi.

A warm welcome to to my family & friends who have unwittingly stumbled upon my blog, let’s not ever mention this. Or maybe you could, I really don’t mind!

To the rest, thanks for stopping by! I hope you read through this & like me. Iam not really sure how does one summarise their personality, hopes & expectations in few words. . But iam gonna try my best. .

Iam very moody. I can spend my Sundays Sitting on my couch watching a movie, eating sumptuous meal & a good sleep or I’ll call up my friends, dress up & plan a happening day. .As I said, moody. .

It’s not that complicated though, it’s all about having a good time. .

Music & good food are important to me. .Again, moody. I love almost all kinds of music. .One day, I’ll be in the mood for rock ‘n’ roll, and the next I’ll feel like country. I even listen to jazz at times. And yes, since I like to party, EDM is definitely a fav there. .
Coming back to food, Iam a big time foodie & believe it or not, I eat a lot. .I love home cooked Indian food. .I could happily subsist on dal-chawal-roti. And yes, I can cook. Cooking when not rushed, is almost therapeutic to me. .

About my work, Iam a dentist. .Iam on crossroads right now. .Figuring my next step. .and, I do love my work. .

I prefer books to newspaper. .I love to read, not just books. . That’s why, I Love Twitter & Iam loving this blogging world. .so much untapped talent. . So many beautiful words. . It’s just wonderful how you can connect with others, without even knowing them. .

I guess this should give you an idea of who I am, I will probably add more to this later. So, if my profile piques your interest, hit me up! Happy blogging ❤