If you long to become a swingin’ cat who makes the rounds of jewelry shops to find a perfect way to buy gold/silver or to invest, you should check out MetalPay.

The service boasts a robust items listing and the ability to purchase, sell and store your metal & jewelry.

We are always way too cautious while investment, and of course, we should be, and here’s this app that’s here to help.

It’s the 21st century, and we are on our way to become a digital economy, and this app is making it easier not only to invest but to incentivize our transactions too. It’s a complete package.

This app has a yellow logo with MP written on it, M is in white and P in black with two illuminating metal bricks. It’s very readily available for Android & iPhones. I’ve shared the links to its download at the end of my post.

If you like the idea of this app and my review, do download and check it out for yourself.

The moment you open the app, you’ll get this image:

A perfect explanation of what you’re getting yourself into. Now, I know we millennials are a generation that checks ‘proceed’ without reading a word, but I’ll suggest you read what it says, as it will be beneficial to you.

They have explained about the app in a very concise way.

All you have to do is open an account, and sign in.

After selecting ‘proceed,’ you’ll be asked to put your pin code, as this app not only lets you buy and sell metal, it also delivers them to you at your doorstep. Now, how cool is that?

Now, the app will take you it’s homepage. Here, you can see the LIVE PRICES OF GOLD AND SILVER. These prices are updated continuously with the market.

Here, you’ll also find two options to buy: Gold & Silver. It’s your wish where you want to invest. I’ll suggest you keep in mind the benefits of buying both the metals in the times to come. Here’s how it will look:

As you can see, it not only shows the buy price, but also the sell price of the metals. Again, something to keep in mind before investing.

Below these, you’ll see the option to visit your locker as ‘My locker’ to check your locker balance, and ‘Request Delivery’ to have your gold/silver delivered at your doorstep.

You can make purchases for as low as Re.1 and can accumulate over a period of time. Whatever you decide to buy, your locker will show you the details required. Here, I decided to make a purchase for Gold worth Rs. 100.

I was automatically directed to the ‘summary’ page along with a seven minute countdown to make the purchase. As you can see, my Rs.100 included the GST. The gold value for gold at 24 karats was Rs.97 & rest is GST and processing fee. The end of this page says: Proceed to pay Rs.100.

Upon clicking that proceed option, I was directed to this:

As you can see, this app offers five kinds of modes to make payments. You can either use a credit card, debit card, net banking, BHIM UPI or mobile wallets.

MetalPay offers services to the majority of pin codes, yet do check for yours if you’re not from a metro, before making the payment.

For mobile wallets, here are your options:

For making purchases more than 50000, you’ll have to get your KYC done.

In brief, here’s how MetalPay works:

Create an Account – Buy Gold and Silver from Re.1 – Store Digitally in you Virtual Locker – Sellback Whenever – Get Delivered.

Easy as a breeze, isn’t it?

Things to keep in mind:

You can buy and store your Gold/Silver for as long as you want from the date of purchase with MetalPay. This will be kept in safe custody.

You can sell/redeem your Gold/Silver anytime.

In case of multiple purchases on different dates, you can keep your Gold/Silver with MetalPay for as long as you want from the time of purchase for each specific transaction.

Perks of MetalPay:

1. No need to find nearby and reliable jewelry shops as MetalPay delivers everywhere.

2. MetalPay makes buying Gold/Silver coins easier: Because Gold/Silver coins can be expensive, they allow the users to buy Gold/Silver starting from just Re.1.

3. You won’t have to bother about quality as MetalPay Coins are Quality and Purity Guaranteed. They use LBMA(London Bullion Market Association) Gold and Silver to manufacture coins for quality and ethical standards. These coins are produced from machines made in Italy to guarantee industry quality. And all our coins are checked for purity assurance from a NABL accreditated laboratory.

4. Variety of options: MetalPay offers a wide array of Coins: 10gm,50gm, and 100gm for Silver and 1gm, 5gm, and 10gm for Gold.

5. It’s user-friendly.

6. And this is the most amazing part, MetalPay not only let’s you choose the coins but also the jewelry! I loved the designs and they ship for free.

Here are some of the jewelry they offer on the app, with no extra charge!

You’ve a varied option of choosing from beautiful studs to earrings to pendants to rings. Isn’t it awesome? They also provide the full description of the chosen piece with no extra charge. So, now you can invest with style. It also comes with a good return policy which you should keep in mind before ordering.

Designs are intricate and can be worn in day to day life too. I’m having trouble deciding the one I want to order! I’ve shared the images, you can understand my dilemma.

My experience with the app:

Buying Gold and Silver coins (also, jewelry!) is difficult for many people in India, and this app offers a more accessible approach. The app is smooth, and it seems secure. It’s making Gold/Silver available to everyone through digitization. Oh well, hello 21st century!!

Here are the links to its download:

1. For Play store –


2. App store (iphones) –

This was my experience with the app. If you’ve any queries, feel free to reach out to me.

Till next time,


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