Styling my Mom with Stylus!

I’ve been to many bloggers meet, but this one takes the cake away. I was invited to attend this event called ‘Love for your Mom’ by Stylus Express in association with the Central Mall, and I’m still in awe. I still remember the smile on my mom’s face during the event. When I first asked her to come along to the event, she readily said yes. Trust me; this was unexpected. My mom’s a typical Rajput housewife. Her whole life has been about us. My parents are not very educated, so they made sure we all three were. Mamma’s maths is so good that I often feel I let her down in that department. She can still do complex additions without a calculator or a pen. She never ceases to amaze me.

It’s rare to see her outside her comfort zone. Her comfort zone being her four children (including my Alfie the Labrador) and our home.

All the bloggers were asked to dress up their mom and do their makeup.

Before I tell you how I styled her, let me tell you that her dressing sense is way better than mine and it was challenging for me to find a perfect fit for her personality.

I opted for a very chic and beautiful attire from Biba as you can see in the pictures below.

It was a beautiful embellished yet subtle gown, and she looked mesmerizing. It was incredible how she carried off that look with so much poise.

Also, ditching her saree attire was so refreshing to see, that we have actually decided to buy more such outfits for her. We took almost 30 min to zeroing in on the final outfit, so you can imagine how good the collection is, at Central’s.

Best part, we didn’t even have to struggle with the size. Usually, it gets difficult to find great attires with large size, but with Central, it was a breeze.

Here, you’ll find great western wear plus ethnics and what not, in all the possible sizes.

I even styled myself later, so yes, I take to guarantee that you’ll find everything you need.

Here are my before and after pictures:-




Talking about Mamma’s style: She totally rocked the 80s style. Fancy halter necks, and what not. Was her style shocking? Yes. Covetable? Absolutely.

When we were done, she was apprehensive about the way she looked. I’m the youngest sibling, and she is over 50. All other mothers were quite younger to her comparatively. I’m glad she loved the outfit I chose for her, and she was at ease. Oh yes, tables had turned. I was her doll, and now she was mine albeit just for one day…

After all the bloggers were done styling their mothers, we all sat down for the event. RJ Anjali took the stage. While we were taking our seats, she said, “Reva’s mom is still rocking the Rajputana look.” I saw mamma smiling. She knows what I do, but it was the first time she saw that. She met all my friends and their lovely mothers.

I really want to thank Stylus Express for conducting this event with such panache. Thank you for bringing all of us together. This event was beyond a doubt, my favorite so far. It had to be; I had mamma by my side.

Once we all were done with styling, we were asked to go on stage and explain how we styled our moms’ to fellow bloggers.

My mom’s look:

A gorgeous gown from Biba,

Beautiful golden wedges from Inc5,

Makeup by Lakme.

I really want to add here that although I’m a blogger, I’m awful at makeup. It was a challenge when I did mamma’s makeup. She even ended up saying, “Tu Mujhe bhoot mat bana dena Rebu!” Haha!!

The event ended with a note from Central’s store head Mr. Amit Agrawal. It was a very heartwarming speech where he talked about the mother-daughter relationship.

Stylus Express planned a fun activity with the role reversal of ‘mother-daughter,’ and I can’t thank them enough. It is the only complete lifestyle magazine in the whole of Central India. They are five editions old and have already created ripples for having excellent content and rich quality of the paper.

Their magazine has varied content that caters to all kinds of readers – from fashion to fitness, from glamour to glitz to gossip, from interiors to food to travel – They cover all minute aspects that makeup “lifestyle.”

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your mom’s smile. Oh wait, there is. It’s when you are the reason behind that smile.

Here’s to all the mothers out there. You deserve the world.

Until next time,


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