Eve Teasing

A lot has been said about rape. A lot has been said about sexual harassment.

Be it candle march or outrage on social media; the situation is still the same.

Rape statistics are going up when it should go down,

here we are, just looking at them and frown.

Hashtags come and go, but nothing has actually changed.

Our world is losing its colour,

I can hear the sky cry,

why has eve teasing become so normal,

when did we start believing a lie?

Keep it to yourself, it’s embarrassing they say.

Make no sound, and nobody is ever going to come save your day.

It’s exhausting to see; there’s still no change.

Not about these cases, in the mentality that’s refusing to fade.

We hear what happened, and we write a status.

We show our outrage, but where’s the courage?

I’m not saying don’t tweet or post a status,

I’m just asking is there an end?

I was harassed, and I know so were many others,

I want to ask all of you who have been through this,

Are you prepared for the next time it happens to you? You know it will, because some people will never change.

But-but-but, oh wait, we are the millennials.

We all have morals, and we have standards.

We have the zeal to deal with this,

and we can change this toxic society.

Maybe it won’t happen now; maybe it won’t happen for few more years,

But to all the guys out there, I know you guys won’t grow up to those middle-aged uncles who will try to grope a girl in a wedding because you know she will be too embarrassed to tell her parents.

I’ve been drunk, and my guy friends have taken care of me and dropped me home safe and sound.

See, maybe we are already changing the world around us.

To all the girls out there, don’t keep it to yourself, there’s police ffs.

It’s not your fault it happened to you,

don’t be ashamed.

Voice out your experiences because there might be another girl that might just need the courage you have.

Once you’re done, do think what you will do when you find yourself in the same situation again.

Are you ready to fight off the guys who tease you? Maybe they’ll just try to pull off your skirt in the middle of the road and run away.

To all the girls and guys out there,

This is where we all need to fight at the same time.

Let’s teach our boys respect and consent.

Let’s teach our girls to raise their voices and self-defense.

We are the next generation and let’s just promise each other,

We’ll make a better world for the coming generations.

I still have faith. I still have faith.

P.S. Rape is heinous, and so is eve teasing. The problem is, we take eve-teasing lightly, a harmless offense. It happens everywhere, be it road or college, restaurant or a bus.



I hope we the millennials, can change this scenario.

2 thoughts on “Eve Teasing

  1. This was not only stunningly written, but also resonated with me. I agree with everything you said. WE have to be the generation of change, not with hashtags, but with our voices. Thank you for sharing this ❤


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