I’m not Shakespeare nor do my words can shake a sphere (Earth!) I’m not Wordsworth, nor do my words are of any worth, but still here’s an honest attempt to understand this beauty called life.

What’s the meaning of life? We are taught in schools how dinosaurs were wiped out when a meteor hit our Earth. Now, we couldn’t have come into existence along with giant dinosaurs. We would have been their food. So, if that meteor hadn’t hit, humans wouldn’t have evolved. All I’m trying to say is – OUR EXISTENCE IS BY AN ACCIDENT.

Then why do we take this life so seriously?

We are always running. Running from one goal to other. Running from our problems. Looking for distractions to make our mundane life a little happening. Everything is a distraction. Social media, TV, movies, and of course – alcohol. My whole life has been a constant search for new distractions & I still don’t know what I’m looking for or what I’m running from. Sometimes I feel like even my distractions need a distraction. If I’m watching a movie on my laptop, I’ll pause it in between just to check my phone. If I’m working, I’ll look for a break just to get some fresh air. Why do you take sutta breaks in between your office hours? What does it make you do? What does it make you feel?

What’s the point of our existence? Why are we alive? To follow the rules? Why do we have so many morals that are taught by the society? This is right, that is wrong. These strong opinions that the society has fed us are the sole reason behind all this hatred. Everyone has a right to their opinions, but why is it so hard for us to accept that others can have different views & leave it at that. Why do we want to prove that we are superior? That our notion is the only right one and you should agree to what I say? Why? Can’t we just leave it at let’s agree to disagree? Have you ever felt good after an argument? I don’t. Then why?

We are petty people. We all are. We are angry, jealous, selfish, and ignorant. Okay now you might say that you’re talking in extremes, but you know I’m right. The degree of these qualities may vary but we all know it exists between us & people will eat you alive if it doesn’t. It’s survival. So where do we go from here? It’s basic human nature. 

The two most important things in life are your outlook & gratitude. Try looking at the positive aspects. Every cloud has a silver lining. A positive outlook can just change the course of your life. Be grateful for all the little things you have.

Life is simple and it’s in our nature to complicate it. We complicate because we can’t accept certain things. ‘I want it this way!’ Well, guess what? No one gets everything they want and you’re not an exception. 

All our suffering comes from our obsession with ourselves. Obsession about losing something, that special someone, that attention, that job opportunity maybe? Or obsessing about what I could have had. The moment you’ll realize that root of suffering is your obsession, you can come right out of it. Let it go! Accept what you don’t have, don’t expect what you should have. You’re never in control of your life, but you can control your mindset. If something is not making you happy, why to even think about it. Those thoughts aren’t worth the effort. Time spent worrying can be better used for taking actions for your dream. If you have a goal, you’re already better than rest of us. If you don’t have a goal, don’t waste time doing anything, indulge in a thing that might interest you and you might soon find your passion.

Expectations are the biggest evil. The truth is, doesn’t matter how many self-help books you read, this is basic human nature and you can’t get rid of it. That’s why I said, the key to happiness is ACCEPTANCE. Stop over analyzing and start accepting. You’ll always have problems. You’ll sort one out, you’ll face another. You’ll again kill your mood but for what? It may sound gloomy but I’m surrounded by unhappy people. Why can’t we just celebrate this unhappiness? 

One piece of advice my mom gave me, that I still remember vividly is – “when you know you have to do something, give your best.” We are living, this is our life. Own it. Be its boss. Own your shortcomings. Till you’re not hurting others, everything is okay. Having a bad day, look at all those pictures you’ve in your camera roll. Remind yourself of all those happy times. Be grateful for what you have because others might not have even that much. Feel privileged. This is where you’ll find peace. 

Contentment is not being carefree. Don’t be misguided. It doesn’t mean a state free of conflicts and anxiety & it also doesn’t mean indifference to others or situations. It just means a state of happiness that can be found in little things. It just means you accept all your shortcomings and circumstances and still choose to look beyond them because you deserve it. It just means WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS ENOUGH. Don’t Exert yourself. Life is SIMPLE, don’t complicate by thinking too much. It’s not about finding the answers, it’s about losing the questions. Just breathe.

I’m finding my way too, walk with me.

Till next time,


7 thoughts on “EXISTENCE 

  1. Well penned note…Thank you for sharing this. Every single word means a lot, its true that overall we are just living the life on social media but in reality life if very different. We should introvert our self and try accepting all the flows of life.

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  2. This means a lot to me Sushma ❤️ thank you!!!! Somewhere in looking for more, we are losing touch with ourselves. I’m not trying to find the meaning of life, I’m just telling myself here to stop running and accept what it is right now. Thanks again!


  3. Love this! I really needed to read this right now thank you! I am also obsessed with that quote “Breathe in the good shit breathe out the bullshit!”


  4. Very well written post. You’ve probably captured the ultimate question of life. Purpose of our “Existence”
    It is important to question every event of life no matter how small it is, just to find the your real self.
    Photographs and photography looks captivating.
    Every human being is running to reach an unknown destination. Questioning will only help to know the destination. ✨

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  5. Outlook and gratitude. Those are two foundations to build a house from. If we get up thinking today is going to be a great day, we stand a better chance of realizing that objective. And, you can never thank people enough. As I tell my kids, people do not have to do anything for you. So, thank them for their time, interest, help, etc.

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