Terra Chips!

Terra blues will certainly take away your ‘blues.’They are real vegetable chips made from naturally Blue Potatoes. It’s description on the back reads – “Vibrant bluish – purple in color, with a slightly nutty flavor, they are simply unforgettable. Truly a rhapsody in blue.” I couldn’t agree more. 

Just look at those beautiful chips. The moment I opened the bag, I knew these chips will be addictive. I was mesmerized by it’s color. I’ve never seen blue colored chips in my life before, so you can imagine the reaction!

I ran to my brother’s room to show him what I’ve got. He looked at those chips & said – they have added so much color! Imagine our surprise when we saw the ingredients that say BLUE POTATOES! Oh yes, I wasn’t even aware there’s something like blue potatoes! Haha!! The color is completely natural!!!

Thanks to my curious mind, I googled Blue potatoes. The ‘Adirondack blue’ is a potato variety with a blue flash and slight purple tint because of high levels of anthocyanins (Wikipedia.) 

Terra chips taste better than regular potato chips. In fact, you really can’t compare the rich flavors of terra blues to regular potato chips. What I loved the most about them is that they use the minimum amount of salt & very little oil to fry them! Less oil means it won’t leave grease on your hands or your mouth after you eat them! In short, you won’t have to look around for a napkin afterward. 

To make the experience more beautiful, I tried them with hummus, chocolate & salsa. I can’t even begin to tell you what heavenly feel it was. Terra blues with hummus is the best combination ever. Although since they are plain salted chips, they work with all the dips.

Apart from terra blues, they are available in these flavors in India – Mediterranean, blues, sweet medley & original. Terra Mediterranean are made from Batata, sweet potatoes, taro, Yucatan, parsnip, ruby dipped vegetables. Tempted yet?

Talking about their availability, although they are easily available at gourmet stores in Metro cities, it’s pretty hard to find them in smaller ones. The good news is, you can order them from Amazon & big basket.

In the end, I’ll just say that these chips are deliciously good, blue & Crunchy. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. They are plain salted chips with no other flavors. I’ve never seen chips that looked or tasted better than this. Also, these chips are god damn evil. I finished my packet in 5 min flat!! You’ve been warned.



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