Tangled inside my mind!

If you are in love, you are the lucky ones. Because most of us are bitter over someone. .

It’s been a long time now and yet I haven’t dared to write this on a public platform. .

The truth is even if we did not speak 24*7 (no one does that anyways) & even if he was in another continent, he still meant a great deal to me & will always do. Idk why such things happen. All I know is tonight Iam done. Iam done pretending nothing ever happened.

Truth is, I miss you & it would be great if whatever happened didn’t happen. I wish, there was a way if I could talk to you, once. Just once. This isn’t making sense. I hope you are in better place. I hope you’re happy. You will always be loved. I really miss you.



18 thoughts on “Tangled inside my mind!

  1. You really don’t **sound** bitter, just lovelorn. Whatever your heart felt was intense enough to stain a memory but leave an ink blot. It may look different in a few years. When I remember the ones I have ‘lost’ long ago, I think of them as really great ushers to the best seat in life – where I am now. You really made me think deeply. Thanks for that.

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  2. You make me feel very lucky. I don’t have a bitter ex love in my past. Every date, every crush, every short or long term love affair gave me a stepping stone to the love of my life. We have been together 25 years. The past lead me to a point to accept the joy of the relationship that we developed. Thanks and hugs

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  3. I feel you. Troubling, isn’t it? Makes you feel like, “If I’m going to die tomorrow, and these feelings are left unsaid, it would be an unfinished business and hell, I won’t ever be in peace until he knows.” Glad I’m over it. This has been posted a few months back so I hope, at this time, you are, too. xo

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  4. Thank you for writing this and giving me comfort in knowing that it is okay to miss someone and care about them even though they are no longer apart of your life. And you included the quote picture of one of my favorite song lyrics ever written! πŸ™‚

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  5. Daughter ❀
    You’re welcome! Iam glad you could connect! It took me a lot of time to realise this. .and it wasn’t easy even then. .somehow, it became with time. .Thank you for a lovely comment. . Xoxo. . ❀

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