People come and people go!


Great lines by Nicholas Sparks. It’s like he had put my feelings into words. .

Thought to be kept in mind here is, ‘Nothing is permanent’. It also goes for the people in your life. You never know, how long will he/she be with you. Luckily, few people will stick around for a life time. But the sad part is, it’s a bit recherché!!!


You meet some people, hang out. Have fun. Do stupid things together & they become an inevitable part of your life. But things change. Sometimes, simple circumstances can take away that person you loved the most, right out of your hands, never to be seen again.
And then, You meet other people. They simply replace the ones you had before. .


A time comes, when you look back and wonder, “Oh what happened, we used to be so close!” now everyone is just busy with their own lives. .but unlike before, you aren’t a part of their close group as they aren’t anymore of yours. .things change, and sometimes without any reason. That special person whom you shared everything with once, can literally (or should I say figuratively) has vanished from your life. .sometimes just because now you are no more in the same class, or in the same neighborhood, you don’t see much of them anymore. .when you walk away, you promise them, nothing would change. That we will continue to talk and share our stories. Same happened with me. When I completed my schooling, my whole group promised each other, that so what we all will be in different cities for college, come what may, we will always be together. Of course, that Dint happen as distance, time and space does create an inevitable abyss between intention and reality. Although, they will always be special in my life, they just aren’t close to me anymore….


There was this guy I met at a dance class. We bonded. Became great friends. Eventually, he became a part of my circle & I became a part of his. And then, he moved away. All the way to London. As the pattern goes, we decided that we will always keep in touch and I ll still help him with his girlfriend issues 😛 but unfortunately, we couldn’t keep those unspoken promises. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think of him, or still keep a slice of love in my heart for him, but somehow, I realized that our need for one another is finished. Perhaps one day that will change, but in my deepest heart I don’t believe that to be true. People come and people go, fulfilling our need for companionship, or teaching us something we need to know. Luckily, a few people will stick around forever. But most of them come into your life for a season. Or maybe two. And that’s OK, because even though they are gone, the love you created remains. Always.


How you wish, things could just go back to how they were before . Then there are those sleepless nights when I just sit around watching star studded sky & just think of all the people who have wandered away from me. Also, the people that I have wandered away from. And then I can’t help but wonder, will there ever be a time when we might reconnect? Not just for a ‘blast from the past,’ but a real reconnection, resuming of the friendship as if the split had never happened.


Probably not, but it has happened, & I dwell in hope that it might happen again.



20 thoughts on “People come and people go!

  1. Very true yaar.
    Me too have such exprnce of loosing someone in just a blink & never seen again with the person who have promised me to stay in my life till death do us apart. Since then, I feel dead .
    Nevermind, your blog is awesome. Keep it up 🙂

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  2. Wow!! That’s certainly one comment to keep me going 😀 Thank you 🙂
    P. S – never give up the hope! Sometimes bad things happen to make way for great things!! Besides, every cloud has a silver lining 🙂


  3. Wow, I know exactly how you feel and you have managed to say some of the things I have been unable to express. Thank you for referring me to this piece, as I really enjoyed reading it.

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  4. Thank you for appreciation! This post is my favourite. .may be because it was the first one I ever wrote, although I shared it later. . it’s really close to my heart! So, thank you for your kind words 😇

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  5. I have experienced Manu Sharpe of heartache but one thing is always true… People may come and people may go but the ones that are meant to stay..stay. And they never are far away.
    Your writing is inspiring

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  6. hii, i just loved your post, reminded me of my friends:) such a strange feeling once’s who were so close to you suddenly, are not part of your life.. (y)

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