30 days book challenge : Day 1!



Day 1 is for the best book I have read last year & I had hard time deciding which one to choose. .At last, I was able to choose a favorite although it’s not one book, but a series. . “HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY”  by Suzanne Collins, which consists of Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.


I am sure a lot of you will agree with me!! The Hunger Games was DEFINITELY the best series I read last year! If you are not into reading, it’s definitely a book that will change this & if you are an ardent reader, still you haven’t read it yet, you are missing something!!

Lemme brief you a little about the book. The main protagonist is Katniss Evergreen. She voluntarily takes her younger sister’s place in the Hunger Games – a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete & not to forget, that it’s ruled by ‘Capitol’. The first part, is an adventure in itself.

It’s different from lots of the other stuff I read & it’s a good book to take you somewhere else. .I could really get into The Hunger Game and I’ve been able to get into it reading it the second time round. Although it is more difficult reading it the second time round because I have now seen the film and I imagined it completely differently to how they did it in the film – and I liked my version better. All that drama, all that romance, I had it going better in my mind. .


I’m going straight onto the next one, Catching Fire, as you can’t resist reading them all as quickly as possible as soon as you’ve started. The first two thirds are perfectly paced, intriguing and at least as eyes-glued-to-the-page-exciting as The Hunger Games. The entire reading experience is unbalanced by the distracting knowledge that the pages are running away quicker than the plot is finding resolution. But nevertheless, stakes are higher now & it’s an interesting read. .


Mockingjay – I was expecting an explosive finish to the trilogy and Mockingjay more than delivers.
Young Katniss has now survived the dreaded Hunger Games not once, but twice & the dangers seem to be escalating. The writing is as punchy as it has been throughout but Collins ramps up the stakes and shows a vulnerable side to Katniss that has so far only been seen in rare moments & the fact that she ends up with peeta, just adds cherry to the cake. A love so pure & selfless, found its way!! I was delighted. .

The book was definitely better than the film. A good book to sit down with on a horrible rain day! It makes you happy to be alive & moreover, it’s a great story! It’s one of the books I wish I had written myself! Definitely amongst my favorite. I don’t have anything but accolades for Suzanne Collins. I would read anything by her without batting an eyelid! One of the best authors out there at the moment in my opinion! Excellent job Suzanne Collins!!!

I’ve read all three books one after another in one go. Trust me, even you won’t be able to stop!! It’s a majestic masterpiece. .it portrays the allure of the story’s remarkable, kick-ass 16-year-old heroine, Katniss Everdeen.

Favorite characters –  katniss Everdeen, & Cinna.

Least favorite character – president Snow.

Favourite moment – When Katniss covers Rue in flowers. 

Least favourite moment – When Katniss Everdeen descends into madness in Mockingjay.

I will rate the trilogy –> 4/5 stars.

What about you!?

*may the odds be ever in your favour!*


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