Was it Love?

I'm a romantic. Hopeless romantic. Also, I still don't know if it was love or just attachment or maybe infatuation. So many days have gone by and I still think about you. It's funny how someone can become your everything in such short time. Short time. Oh wait, that doesn't sound right!?  Was it love? … Continue reading Was it Love?


Salim Sulaiman live – the magical experience!

26th November 2016 was truly an unforgettable night for Indore. The enthralling performance by Salim - Sulaiman left us absolutely spellbound and awestruck. The duo did complete justice to the tagline "Superhit nights ki Superhit Jodi” as they themselves performed in total sync and chemistry. Imperial Blue Superhit nights season 3 -will undoubtedly go down … Continue reading Salim Sulaiman live – the magical experience!


Food Review, Radisson blu!

Good FOOD is Good MOOD. The idea about starting a food blog came ṭo me last week when i was sitting with my friends & one of them jokingly asked, "Is there anything you love more than food?" And I was like, NO! Next question came - "Then why not write about it?" This post … Continue reading Food Review, Radisson blu!


India at Olympics 

This Olympic games at Rio, are probably the only one which I've followed so closely. Watched all the games where Indians competed, along with the ones with Usain Bolt (because come on, who would miss Bolt making & breaking records!!). I asked myself, why didn't I watch the other Olympic games? Those were telecasted too, … Continue reading India at Olympics